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On September 3, 2019, I got into some real hot water.  Literally.  It burned over 80% of my body before I was able to make my way out.  I realized in a split second what my WHY was.  I used my WHY to propel myself out and get my feet on solid ground.  The burning didn't stop just because I got out.  No, I would have to get up again and again...Over the last two years, I have had a bitter pill to swallow and haven't even been comfortable in my own skin.  Suffering excruciating pain and battling depression has kept me focused on my WHY and ways to get my life back.  As my 2nd "Burnaversary" dawns I realize that I have experienced joy in the midst of suffering.  I have learned to be grateful despite my setbacks.  I have grown as a person and hope that I can reach out to others to share how "with God, all things are possible"...even acceptance.

Woman with Bible


I hope to share with other Burn Survivors some of the coping skills I use to help me get through the day.  


One day, I hope there will be videos for Burn Survivors to watch to help them gain their mobility back.  Something that is well done, uplifting and features a fellow Burn Survivor. 

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